Wednesday, 15 April 2009

And I can't help but love you so...

1991 and here come High Authority with "I'm The Man", a nice bit of heavyweight production created by slowing down The Spencer Davies Group.

Never heard anything more from High Authority, unsurprisingly, low key UK hip hop releases in 1991 probably didn't do too much to pay the bills, which is a shame.


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  1. Easy answer to no one ever hearing anthing more from High Authority - We never knew this track was released in the U.K.! I produced this back in 89/90 for a label called Beautiful Sounds out of Boston, MA (the group consisted of me the dj/producer and rapper CMD, both from Cambridge, MA. My guess is that BS sold the track to Optimism and they released it in 1991. We weren't even credited with the song and had no idea that it garnered some attention on the U.K. hip hop scene. If we only knew...