Saturday, 15 May 2010

Updated show linkage

Right, sorry about the lack of updates recently, just been busy and whatnot.

D/L links for recent shows are right here....
03/05/10 pt 1, pt 2. 10/05/10 pt 1, pt 2

Also, in case you don't follow us over at Facebook, you may not be aware of the schedule change...

As from next week, our new radio slot is now Wednesday 9-11PM GMT, meaning our next show is 19/05/10.... And, just in case you haven't been following that closely, just a reminder that we are now available WORLDWIDE on the NE1 FM live stream. There's a handy link on that takes you straight to the relevant file for the media player of your choice... (TBC recommend Winamp). There's also a chat box on the site which is manned during the show, all contributions welcome.

So, enjoy the above and we'll catch up up with y'all on Wednesday!

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